Each year we ask our supporters to send in any intelligence they come across about their local hunts. This can take the form of meet cards (stating when and where the hunt will meet during the season), information overheard in the pub, and details found in newspapers and magazines.

We have been quite astonished by the sheer amount of intelligence we’ve received this year. It seems that those hunts who’d stopped issuing meet cards are starting again, and in one fantastic example, a hunt posted their details through the wrong letterbox in a small village – and those details then made their way to us.

Our recent polling by Ipsos-MORI shows that a majority in the countryside support the ban on hunting, and the complacency of hunts is benefiting the work of our Hunt Observers. With new training, new upgraded equipment, and renewed enthusiasm, this promises to be a productive season for our team.

(PS: If you have any intelligence on the activities of hunts in your area, please call us on 01483 524250 or email


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