Keep Cruelty History

kchOur campaign to protect the Hunting Act from those politicians who seek to undermine and repeal, gathers pace with each passing day.

Through the Keep Cruelty History campaign we will ensure that members of the voting public are aware of the intentions of the parliamentary candidates in their area, should they be offered a vote on repeal. Our ongoing research into candidates’ voting intentions is interesting, and it is demonstrating that whilst most Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates back the ban, so do a significant minority of Conservative candidates. This significant minority – possibly in the region of 15% of candidates – would be enough to seriously hamper any attempt at repeal.

Today we have been contacted by three parliamentary candidates, two for Labour and one Plaid Cymru (the latter has blogged here), who are keen to use the hunting issue to attack their opponent. As we demonstrated in the filming of BBC Countryfile last night – to be broadcast on Sunday 1st November – public opinion is very firmly behind the hunting ban, and government ignores public opinion at its peril.

Visit the Keep Cruelty History website.


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