A busy news day

We’re having a busy news day, caused largely by the Countryside Alliance putting out a press release suggesting that thousands of people attended hunts for the first time as part of their Hunting Newcomers Week.

In radio interviews this morning, we’ve said – as we’ve said before – that we aren’t surprised that more people are hunting. After all, we did always say that hunting’s popularity would increase once the cruelty had been removed. And in any case, if hunting is more popular than ever, why on earth repeal the Hunting Act?

Some local papers are also mentioning the opening meets of their local hunts, such as the Holderness Hunt featuring in the East Riding Mail. We welcome coverage such as this as it encourages our supporters and other people who support our cause to send us intelligence on their local hunts. Already this year we have had more hunting meet cards than ever before, and our Hunt Crime Watch line is busy with calls.

Not all press is positive though: we were frustrated to see a report in last night’s Newsnight in which the sterling work undertaken by the Army’s bomb disposal unit was featured. The film shows trainees dealing with a bomb “left by hunt protestors”. Grrr!


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