“Autumn Hunting”

The lovely Octavia Pollock gushes about her lovely day out ‘Autumn Hunting’ with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt in a piece for the Country Life website.

terrierman with cub remains2 croppedLest anyone should have forgotten what ‘autumn hunting’ really is, let us remind you. It’s cub hunting. The hunting of fox cubs by hunts who want to train their young hounds how to kill. When the hunters realised how publicly unpalatable such awful activities are, they renamed it ‘hound training’, and then ‘autumn hunting’, presumably to invoke images of majestic horses trampling on conkers rather than baby foxes being torn apart.

The League is helping to promote a new film to be previewed at the House of Commons next month. It’s pretty hush hush for now, but in one very interesting scene, a man attending a party conference last month was asked why the hunters call it autumn hunting rather than cub hunting. He replied that it was called autumn hunting “to stop people like you [the film-maker] getting all upset about it”.

We’re not suggesting that the lovely Octavia or the CL&C have been engaged in illegal cub hunting, though. We assume – and we’re sure they’d be quick to confirm – that they hunt within the law; a fine example of the law working. We’re just reminding readers of cub hunting because it’s just another form of cruelty that would return following a repeal of the Hunting Act.

Keep Cruelty History.

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