Oh do shut up, Clarissa.

The Guardian published an utterly hilarious interview with convicted hare courser Clarissa Dickson-Wright yesterday. She makes some claims that are so patently ridiculous we think she should turn her attention to writing comedy fiction rather than autobiographical twaddle. Let us debunk some of CDW’s bluster.

CDW: “I pleaded guilty [to hare coursing] to a technicality.”

Hmm. A technicality? How technical do you want the Hunting Act to be? Hare coursing and attendance at a hare coursing event is illegal. Quite simple … and given that CDW is a barrister, it should be very simple.


Another 'fake' photo.

CDW: “The photos are all fakes.”

Ah yes. Of course they are. Because Photoshop existed when our library of fakes was built up over the last eighty years. Get real, Clarissa: no-one believes you.

CDW: “The hare gets away 95% of the time.”

Even if it were true, the 5% kill rate would still be unacceptable. It would be inflicting death on an animal for ‘sport’. But it’s not true, and we have endless film and photographic evidence to show that the hare dies at almost every event.

CDW: Asked if she was sorry for breaking the law: “No, I don’t regret doing it in the least. We had legal advice, which turned out to be wrong…”

The arrogance of this woman is startling. She has no regret for breaking the law of the land, and then excuses it by saying that someone said it was ok. What sort of barrister was she, exactly?

CDW: Looking forward to a Conservative government because “David Cameron understands the countryside”.

Does he? If he does, why is he ignoring the 72% of the rural public who don’t want to see a return to fox hunting?

She also mentions the death threats she receives from animal rights protesters. That’s something the League would never condone, and we’d recommend she reports all such instances to the police. After all, we wouldn’t hesitate to report her to the police if she’s caught illegally hare coursing again.

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    For those who find CDW and her so-called ‘sports’ disgusting, there is an E-Petition to 10 Downing Street on the subject (of her and them). Go –


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