Controversial ‘hunting misery’ film previewed at Westminster

Jeanne Berry and Denise Ward

Jeanne (l) and Denise (r)

A controversial film showing the human impact of fox hunting is being previewed at the House of Commons tonight by two women whose campaigning led to officials of their local hunt being given a “warning notice” under the Anti Social Behaviour Act.

Jeanne Berry and Denise Ward from Stroud, Gloucestershire were so appalled by the havoc wreaked on local communities by hunts they were inspired to commission the film ‘A Minority Pastime’, to expose the devastating human cost of fox hunting. The film will be completed in early 2010 but a preview is being shown tonight to raise awareness amongst Members of Parliament.

Like most people, I supported a ban on hunting but would never have campaigned before this happened to me,” explained Ms Ward, a freelance editor. “I want the public to know what’s happening in our countryside. We will be filming over the winter and they can follow the story on our website and judge for themselves.” Hunts have been invited to participate in the film.

Tonight’s screening, supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, has received cross party support from David Drew MP, Ann Widdecombe MP and Adrian Sanders MP with a number of other MPs also attending the event.

The League’s Parliamentary and Political Officer Joshua Kaile said: “This film hammers home the harsh reality of hunting and while for some it may be upsetting sadly this is the grim truth of what happens when a hunt embarks on a day’s ‘sport’. Denise and Jeanne’s hard work proves the point that hunting is as unpopular in rural communities as it is in the cities.

For further information please contact the League’s head office on 01483 524250.

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