This isn’t just propoganda, this is Countryside Alliance propoganda

As exercises in barrel scraping go, the Countryside Alliance have reached a new low this week in a letter they’ve sent to Conservative Party parliamentary candidates. Download it and have a read for yourself.

There are a number of elements within the letter which are of particular interest, not least the claim that the Alliance has “carried out extensive and detailed polling within a number of target marginal seats”. What’s interesting is that they haven’t published that polling, and anyone wanting to see it has to email their press officer, Tim Bonner. We think that the polling either doesn’t exist or shows that the public don’t want to see a return to their bloodthirsty antics.

They also state that they are “in dialogue with the British Polling Council with regard to recent MORI polling on the subject of hunting”. We’re well aware that they have made a complaint – the latest in a long, long line of such complaints. This complaint centres on a pro-hunting newspaper breaking an embargo; absolutely not MORI’s fault. The letter states that “we have had one complain upheld against MORI…” but they don’t tell you how many of their complaints have been found to be without foundation.

The piece de resistance is their section on the League Against Cruel Sports. They mention our membership of the Vote Cruelty Free coalition which has been ‘pestering’ candidates on hunting and other animal welfare issues. They go on to make accusations that we are acting outside our charitable objects, and recommend people to report us to the Charities [sic] Commission if they feel we have done something wrong.

Our membership stands at less than 4,000 apparently. Where they get this pie in the sky rubbish from is just beyond us. We think they probably just pick a number and then use that. Our active supporter base is more than ten times this number.

But numbers, and complaints to the Charity Commission aside, what’s clear is that the Countryside Alliance are encouraging Conservative candidates to talk about anything but hunting. They know that they lost the arguments many, many years ago, and that the public are shunning their cruel sports. So rather than face up to this, they resort to a petty system of complaining about whatever they can.

It’s like being back at school. Plus ca change.

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    maltontoby said,

    A bit rich coming from you!!

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