The Master’s Voice … of reason

The Master’s Voice is an online magazine updated each month. It always makes for some interesting reading, but this month we are delighted to read the column by Harry Stephenson in the November edition. Despite all the propaganda from the Countryside Alliance and other hunting mouthpieces that repeal is ‘just around the corner’ and ‘in sight’, we see a touch of political realism in Mr Stephenson’s column.

Not all Conservatives will back a repeal. Kate Hoey is Labour, and will of course support the repeal. This is why Vote-OK is so important. They focus support on the PPC’s who will support us, and who have a fighting chance of winning the seat from Labour. Every hunt has a Vote-OK campaigner, and if you don’t help in the run up to the next General Election, you have no business moaning if the free vote for repeal is a failure.

And if it fails, and there is every chance it will, I doubt we would get another shot at it.

Labour may cling to power, which I know sounds doubtful – but the voting system is not fair and biased towards Labour who need far less votes to win power than the Tories. But if they do manage to cling to power, they will certainly close the loopholes in the Hunting Act – and we will be finished.

If you can live with that, sit back and do nothing, as many people are doing.

Well well well! That whole passage is interesting, but especially the bit we’ve put in bold text. It’s proof – if it were needed – that the hunters aren’t convinced by the idea that repeal is ‘in sight’ and they do, in fact, recognise that their chances of repeal are actually quite limited. They know what we know: that the public are keen to Keep Cruelty History.

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