Here we go … again!

James Barrington

In the latest hatchet job attempt at denigrating the Hunting Act, the Countryside Alliance have trotted out Jim Barrington, their ‘animal welfare advisor’ in an article on the website (in case you’ve never met him, here’s a photo from our archive).

The Countryside Alliance just don’t get it. Only the bloodthirsty hunters want to see a return to hunting, and they’re pulling the wool over no-one’s eyes by claiming that hunting is more humane than other forms of ‘pest control’. It’s interesting in this article that they claim hunts take the weak and the ill; presumably not the ones that kill chickens and lambs. Or do they? Errr… some confusion somewhere.

We absolutely must Keep Cruelty History.

PS: Anyone else think that the Countryside Alliance having an “animal welfare consultant” is akin to the Saudi government having a human rights consultant?

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  1. 1

    mhayworth said,

    People in the countryside would be shocked to know how little the Countryside Alliance actually cares about the real issues they are facing. It is sickening how they like to appear to be saving local post offices and rural services when it is obvious that most of their time and money has gone towards endless legal and now political attempts to overturn the hunting ban!

    Drag hunting is legal, the pageantry is still there, jobs have survived, hunt memberships are up – and yet millions have gone towards the ‘right’ to torment and kill animals for fun. These people need therapy!

  2. 2

    svaas77 said,

    I wonder what he means by “genuine wildlife welfare law”
    Also what two independent surveys regarding improvement of animal welfare? Do you guys have any links to these?
    I dont think the last statement was necessary. perhalps these kind of comments shouldnt be printed!!

  3. 3

    mhayworth said,

    svaas77 ,
    These people don’t give a toss about animal welfare. The two surveys were likely ones done by the CA themselves. Everything they say and do is with smoke and mirrors. The British Field Sports Society becomes the Countryside Alliance. Fox hunting becomes Country Pursuits. Cubbing becomes Autumn Hunting. What’s next? Hare Coursing to become Country Ping-Pong? ! Appalling lot!

  4. 4

    […] December 2, 2009 · Filed under History, Parliament & Politics, hunting &#183 Tagged animal welfare, Countryside Alliance, hunting, Hunting Act, Keep Cruelty History Friends in Westminster have sent us a letter they’d received from James Barrington, the ‘animal welfare consultant’ and former League employee about whom we blogged last week. […]

  5. 5

    […] itself isn’t important, and anyway, we’ve all heard Mr Barrington’s arguments before. The key point is the very personal comment that “I was struck by…”. Now, […]

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