Smoke and mirrors

Friends in Westminster have sent us a letter they’d received from James Barrington, the ‘animal welfare consultant’ and former League employee about whom we blogged last week.

You can download and read the letter here. It’s interesting in that he fails to mention that in his tireless work for animal welfare he also works for the Countryside Alliance and the ‘Middle Way Group’, both of which advocate a return to hunting with dogs.

A retired police officer, now working for the League as Police Liaison Officer, was outraged by Mr Barrington’s letter that he sent him the following email yesterday afternoon:

Dear Mr. Barrington,

I have just read a copy of your letter dated 12th November 2009.  As a retired Police Wildlife Crime Officer and now as the League’s Police Liaison Officer, I do not find the Hunting Act 2004 to be unworkable at all.  On the contrary, when I was at Merseyside Police we prosecuted more people for offences under the Hunting Act than did any other police force.  What is sadly lacking with some senior managers in the police service is the will to carry out enforcement action; many police forces only too readily jump on the ‘unworkable’ bandwagon as an excuse for avoiding a demand on limited resources.  The fact of the matter is that wildlife crime is an important quality-of-life issue for a great many people and the police should not ignore it.  The Hunting Act is the law of the land and the public have the right to demand that the police discharge their duty to enforce it.  The failure of some police forces to do so breeds contempt for the law and defies the will of Parliament.

The Hunting Act provides exemptions to facilitate pest control where serious harm is being done.   However, chasing and killing wild animals with dogs for the fun of it is illegal and if pest controllers are not sufficiently well-trained or lack the ability to control foxes humanely they must not do so at all – that’s the law.  What’s difficult to understand or ‘unworkable’ about that?

Yours sincerely

Steve Harris

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    […] January 7, 2010 · Filed under History, Hunt Observing & Monitoring, hunting &#183 Tagged archive, Countryside Alliance, hunting, Hunting Act, Keep Cruelty History Jim Barrington’s popped up again, this time on this week’s Shooting Politics instalment on the must-see Fieldsports Channel. Fascinating stuff; but if you’re not sure who he is, read this. […]

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