Countryfile … well done!

Last night’s Countryfile on BBC1 included an excellent ten-minute report on the increase in wildlife crime over the last year. You can watch it online here (the report begins just after 20 minutes into the programme).

The report covered deer hunting, hare coursing and badger baiting, and even included undercover footage provided by the RSPCA (which causes some puzzlement here at League HQ, coming only weeks after the same programme refused to use our footage). It featured men convicted of offences against badgers – including offences under the Hunting Act (remember, the Act that doesn’t work according to the bloodsport apologists) – and some rather bizarre Welsh men who had travelled to Lincolnshire to … err … course hares hunt rabbits.

It was good to hear hare coursing spoken of in the same breath as badger baiting and dog fighting. The only difference between hare coursing and these other two activities is that a repeal of the Hunting Act would make hare coursing legal again. If you agree that it must never return, join our campaign to Keep Cruelty History.

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    Well, it was gruesome, as anticipated, but I have actually witnessed worse in my time. However, Countryfile did a good job and I thought that John Craven’s question – “Why do they do it?” – was very apt. The point applies not only to hare coursers but also to fox hunters and all others who get their perverted pleasures from pursuing and tormenting our wildlife. Now we must do all that we can to ensure that hare coursing and fox hunting are not ‘unbanned’ by any incoming Cameron-led Conservative government and also to ensure that all of our rural police forces attach top priority to catching the scum who perpetrate such cruelty in the practice of these so-called ‘sports.’

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    pedrito1414 said,

    Good work! Like the blog, but why have your CEO as the header of every page?? To the passer by, it just looks some old bloke getting interviewed… Something appropriate to your issues maybe instead?

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