GQ: The Gentlemen’s Quandary

The January 2010 issue of GQ magazine has been much talked about on hunting websites over recent days, specifically for the ridiculous article by Charlie Brooks – new husband of Rebekah Wade, former editor of such esteemed publications as The Sun and the News of the World – in which he states very, very clearly his hopes for some illegal hunting on Boxing Day.

We didn’t intend to grace Brooks’ bullshit with any further oxygen of publicity until the beautiful irony of last night’s Newsnight interview with Simon Cowell, pop ‘legend’ and cover star of the current issue of … err … GQ magazine.

Cowell was outlining to Kirsty Wark his political views and ambitions and said very clearly that he “can’t stand the idea of hunting” and that it would be a good idea to make sure potential future prime ministers are aware of the strength of public opinion on the issue.

That’s exactly what our Keep Cruelty History campaign is designed to do. No one should be in any doubt just how repulsed the public are by the type of nefarious activities bloodsports enthusiasts such as Brooks like to indulge in.

Cowell is there with as many as 85% of the public in telling the hunters they just don’t have the X-factor.

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  1. 1

    gilesbradshaw said,

    No you’re not breaking the law in those circumstances Kerry and nor would Charlie be.

    Riding after hounds which are chasing a fox is not illegal as long as you aren’t in charge of the hounds.

    It’s also not clear that even using dogs to chase a wild mammal is illegal if you have no intention of them killing it.

    I use my dogs to chase deer and I’ve never had any problem with the police over it.

  2. 2

    gilesbradshaw said,

    Moreover even if you are in charge of the hounds if you don’t intend them to chase the fox then you are not breaking the law and would be perfectly entitled to ride a horse after them.

    This is why even when they have video of hounds chasing foxes and huntsmen riding after them they cannot get a conviction.

  3. 3

    gilesbradshaw said,

    Where does it say it is? It leaves hunting undefined except to say it ‘includes’ pursuing a wild mammal. All I am doing is chasing one.

    Another meaning of the word ‘hunt’ is search but that isn’t illegal.

    I see no reason why I should stop setting my dogs after deer.

  4. 4

    gilesbradshaw said,

    I don’t torture animals I chase them with dogs. Get it right Charlie FFS!

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