Is the Hunting Act working?

In a last ditch attempt to shore up their pathetic campaign for a return to the cruelty of hunting through a repeal of the Hunting Act, the Countryside Alliance have done some opinion polling. They asked: “From what you know, do you think the Hunting Act is working?”

According to a report in The Guardian, 57% of people think it isn’t. The Countryside Alliance are suggesting that this is good reason to repeal it. You won’t be surprised to read that we don’t agree.

If 57% of the public think the Hunting Act isn’t working, it’s because they are well aware of the lawless intent of the hunting community. They know that a significant proportion – 66% by our calculations – of hunts are regularly breaking the law. We believe – and government agree – that this is why the law should be enforced more closely, not abandoned. After all, many thousands of bloodsports enthusiasts signed a declaration that they would flout the law when it came into force.

The analogy we use time and again is that of theft. There are tens of thousands of burglaries each year in England and Wales. Does this mean the Theft Act should be repealed? No. It means it must be well enforced.

Our own records show that there have been over 130 successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act, with almost 50 this year and ten just this month. There will be many more in the years to come for as long as those who get a kick from the kill continue to flout the law.

Merry Christmas.

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