Image of the Day – 47

Earlier this year, we were contacted by staff at an animal sanctuary to say that a hunt had chased a fox onto their property. The hounds cornered the fox before killing it. The master and his fellow criminals did nothing to call the hounds off. And here’s what was left of the fox when it was retrieved by the traumatised sanctuary staff.

You can understand why the member of sanctuary staff who called us described the master of the hunt as a “vile bastard” for getting his kicks this way. Please help us to Keep Cruelty History.

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  1. 1

    rcn1976 said,

    No matter how I try to see both anti-hunt and pro-hunt opinions I STILL cannot understand how anyone in their right mind would hunt an innocent creature for ‘fun’? If they were doing this to a human being they would be sectioned as mentally retarded and locked up for the rest of their lives! This is SICK and these people should be punished for inflicting pain and suffering and also for BREAKING THE LAW!

  2. 2

    Vile bastard indeed!

    The Hunting Act 2004 must not be repealed or otherwise undone. If anything, it needs strengthening so that we can be sure that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is clearly and for ever unlawful and regarded by all with well-deserved revulsion. If Cameron, Hague, Herbert, etc., think that repeal of the Act would be a vote winner in rural areas, they are very much mistaken.

  3. 3

    jken09 said,

    How can any human being justify putting an animal through such torture?

    These horrendous people should be locked away until they learn to treat all animals with compassion and decency.

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