Turning a blind eye to the hunting criminals

You know the world’s come to something when even the hunting press are turning against Otis Ferry.

A rather amusing but well reasoned article on the poor, tortured, abused, imprisoned champion whinger appears in this month’s issue of the online publication, The Master’s Voice. It states, quite rightly, the damage that poor Otis does to the hunting cause, as time and again he creates only bad publicity.

But perhaps the best part of it is the way in which the author criticises the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) for not kicking him from their ranks, and then asks one very pertinent question:

What is the point of the new Hunting Regulatory Authority when [the MFHA] continues to turn a blind eye to all his criminal behaviour?

Quite right. Although we’d go further. What’s the point of the Authority when the evidence is clear that a majority of hunts are breaking the law. If they don’t obey the criminal law, they won’t obey some self-regulatory quango.

Keep Cruelty History.

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