Image of the Day – 57

At the League, we get used to abusive ‘phone calls. But recently one or two have criticised us for using old photographs to make the point on Image of the Day. The thing is, that’s the point. We’re using old images to show what we’d return to if hunting was made legal again. And don’t be fooled by some silly regulations that they’d introduce – a majority of hunts don’t obey the law now, so what’s to suggest they’d obey some flimsy in-house rules?

Today’s image is of a fox killed by the Cheshire Forest Foxhounds in 1991.

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  1. 1

    It makes no difference if the picture is from 1991 or from yesterday. This is what those want to ‘un-ban’ fox hunting are working towards – the chase and the kill. May God have mercy on their souls.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 2

    tiswas said,

    this is the fox i was telling you about , the fox was intact before sabs got hold of it and this is waht they did to it , ask who took the photograph

  3. 3

    Are you joking ’tiswas’? You’re in a fantasy world!

  4. 4

    seabastard said,

    Foxes can of course die from crushing injuries, which is more often the case before the carcass is broken up.

  5. 5

    tiswas said,

    no the only fantasy is the fact you kicked janet smart out of the lacs for being an figure of fun , but she took quite a lot of photos of the remains of foxes that were intact when the hounds left it and were mutilated for the photos . but of course you wouldnt know the truth would you . all the lies you have created over the years have clouded your integrety

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