End the suffering of game birds in cages

The League Against Cruel Sports has long campaigned for an end to the shooting for sport of live animals. We think it’s cruel and unethical to use animals as targets for sport, and we particularly object to the cruel practices involved in the rearing of game birds for shooting.


Most people think that game – such as partridge and pheasant – are ‘natural’ and ‘wild’. Because of the natural upbringing people think of them as having, many people favour game meat as they see it as less cruel and more ethical than most meat. What most people simply don’t realise is that some game birds are currently reared in battery cages so cramped that if they were used for chickens, the farmer would be prosecuted. And yet they are perfectly legal for game birds.

Thankfully, the government have proposed a ban on the intensive rearing of game birds, and we have applauded their proposal. We have asked our supporters to email the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in support of the proposal. We are also asking supporters to contact their Member of Parliament and ask them to sign Early Day Motion number 507 which also supports the ban.

We are delighted that other animal welfare organisations, including the RSPCA, have joined with us in congratulating government for taking such a strong approach on this issue. Indeed, whilst we might well disagree with the fundamental basis of their existence, we also applaud the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) for also joining calls for a ban. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Countryside Alliance don’t want a ban and support the cruelty inherent in the status quo.

You can help, but you need to act quickly as the DEFRA consultation closes on Monday. Click here to contact DEFRA urging them to implement the ban, and click here to contact your MP. Do let us know what response you get!

You can find out more about our shooting campaign on our website.

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