Wasting police time

Just before Christmas, the Countryside Alliance wrote to Chief Constables claiming that the use by police and the Crown Prosecution Service of evidence collected by hunt monitors was a breach of human rights. As the basis of their argument they used a judgment from the lowest court in the land which has no impact on any other court.

We have now written to Chief Constables to disabuse them of any spin they may have swallowed from the Countryside Alliance letter. After all, if what the Alliance said was true, then the police could never use evidence collected by Neighbourhood Watch or even some undercover television programmes. The CPS are about to issue guidance.

It’s very clear that the Countryside Alliance are suggesting to the police that they don’t investigate alleged hunting crimes … in order that hunters don’t get prosecuted for any Hunting Act offices they might commit!

Only a letter from the National Union of Burglars telling the police not to investigate burglary, would be more bonkers.

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