Conservatives Against Fox Hunting

There is an assumption in some quarters that all Conservatives support repeal of the Hunting Act. This is far from the case.

In September, the League together with IFAW commissioned Ipsos-MORI to conduct a public opinion poll on bloodsports. They found that 62% of Conservative supporters back the ban.

We’re greatly encouraged to see a new website launched for a group called Conservatives Against Fox Hunting. Let’s hope that this has the required effect on those in the Party who want to turn the clock back to cruelty.

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  1. 1

    Yes, as an ex-Tory, I am pleased that some of my ex-colleagues are determined to stop the Conservative Party committing electoral suicide in the countryside. I have to say, though, that the Countryside Alliance people are all-powerful and are perfectly capable of putting unbearable pressure on Conservative MPs and candidates whom they regard as ‘unsound.’ When I was a party member, I was called exactly that – ‘unsound’ – by Mr Henry Bellingham, M.P., at a Party Conference fringe meeting. I have since (in 1999) given up on the party and am standing as an independent this year in South East Cambridgeshire. One of my slogans is ‘NoToHareCoursing’ and I have a petition at –

  2. 2

    journosteve said,

    I received a personalised email from David Cameron today, part of their very big effort to persuade floating, professional middle-aged people to return to a party that we historically generally supported. I’ve written back, saying I will vote Labour, against all other considerations, because William Hague has repeatedly stated that re-legalising hunting with hounds will be among the new Government’s first actions. I will post his reply.

  3. 3

    mikehobday said,

    Quite right. It’s only 119 out of 120. Let no one say it’s all of them!

  4. 4

    mikehobday said,

    Quite right. It’s only 119 out of 120. Let no one say it’s all of them!


  5. 5

    Our own research with Prospective Parliamentary Candidates suggests that just over 20% of Conservative PPCs support the ban on hunting. The 119/120 figure is outdated and inaccurate.

  6. 6

    mikehobday said,

    Or are you and Conservativehome measuring different things? They’re polling candidates in marginals, those who might win. Are you doing the same, or are you including Tory candidates in safe Labour seats?

  7. 7

    saynototories said,

    Where are the League getting their figures from? Can we please see a breakdown of those Tory candidates who have replied saying they will not support repeal of the Hunting Act, those who say they will and those who say they will ‘decide at the time’. We all know that the vast majority of Tory candidates will support repeal and many are not giving away their pro-hunt stance because they know it will be deeply unpopular. So they use the same wording in replies saying ‘ will decide at time’.
    Why are LACS giving the Tories an easy run of it?
    Anyone with any degree of understanding of what is really going on knows that a Tory government means swift repeal of the Hunting Act. There is a big difference between what Tory VOTERS say in polls and what Tory CANDIDATES say.
    As Mike points out you have to take the correct measurement to give the public a clear and accurate picture of the threat. This clearly is not happening at the moment from LACS..
    As for the ‘Tories against hunting’ (who say nothing and do nothing) group, how do we know that is not just been set up to muddy the waters and make people think it is safe to vote Tory? It clearly is not and anyone who values the future of animal welfare in this country would not go anywhere near the Tories.
    So, let us have the real figures showing the real threat. Vote Tory and you will get a government funded and installed by the Countryside Alliance with hare coursing, stag hunting and fox hunting swiftly re-legalised. Anyone who tells you different is not being honest with you and clearly has other agendas at play.

    • 8

      The League is a registered charity and cannot promote or denigrate any political party or candidate.

      The figure we quoted above is based on primary research conducted in house in the last ten months. We will be publishing the full results of this in the next three weeks.

      Finally, give the ‘Conservatives Against Fox Hunting’ group a chance. They are decent people trying to make a difference despite having no resources. Those of us opposed to bloodsports should welcome support from wherever it comes.

      • 9

        saynototories said,

        ‘primary research’ is not the same as being accurate and giving people the truth about the Tories. If the Tories against hunting couple are really concerned to make a difference they would be out in the open and speaking out as many of us in the anti-hunt movement have been doing for many years. The fact remains that a Tory government means curtains for the hunting ban. I suppose we are not allowed to say that so it will be censored..

  8. 10

    Mike Hobday said,

    It’s a little surprising that the domain registration of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting is anonymous.
    I wonder why the owner of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting isn’t willing to reveal their name. Surely, it can’t be that unsafe to run up against David Cameron’s love of hunting?

    • 11

      We have met with them. They are a very genuine and honest couple who love their Party but disagree completely on this issue alone.

      They registered the domain name anonymously as they felt that to publish their details might make them a target of hunters. Their Party leadership is very well aware of who they are.

      Like the rest of us, they support the ban on hunting and want to see it stay. Simple as that.

      • 12

        saynototories said,

        Why was my post deleted? Could we have an explanation of why perfectly reasonable comments by an anti-hunt campaigner about the situation re Tory candidates is being deleted by LACS? It would be better to answer the questions raised than censor people’s genuine concerns and comments.

  9. 13

    We haven’t deleted any of your comments “saynototories”.

  10. 15

    journosteve said,

    Further to my post of 13 Feb., neither Mr Cameron, nor Central Office, nor my local prospective candidate here in Colchester, bothered replying to my emailed question about why the support hunting with hounds and will repeal the law. That makes it quite clear, where my vote is (not) going.

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