Image of the Day – 92

Today’s image was taken last Saturday on the Raveningham Estate in Norfolk.

More commonly known as a picturesque setting for weddings and events, last weekend it was the setting for 130 hares to be shot for fun. One local who contacted the League earlier this week told us:

“The shooters and beaters were inside [the barn], laughing, joking and stuffing their faces at a long table. When vocal condemnation was heard, these poor creatures were hurriedly slung into the back of a Land Rover and quickly driven away. Their ears and feet were seen by onlookers poking skyward.”

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    As you know, I am standing for election to the House of Commons as an independent in South East Cambridgeshire on an anti-fox hunting and anti-hare coursing ticket. (I have other policy planks like bringing our boys back from Afghanistan ASAP). Those so-called ‘sports’ – fox hunting and hare coursing – have no other purpose than to provide ‘fun’ for the participants and onlookers. They, the ‘sports,’ the participants and the onlookers, are sick. However, I have farmed all of my adult life and I used to shoot hares when the hare population threatened my farm crops and/or my sheep feed. They say that five hares equal one sheep in eating power. I have been party to shooting five hundred or so hares in a day in order to safeguard growing crops of cereals and sheep feed. Sometimes this has to be done, unpleasant though it is, even to most of those taking part. I know now of nowhere in my area of Cambridgeshire where the hare population threatens farm crops and I would not wish to be a party to hare shooting if it is not necesary. The Raveningham Estate, where hare shooting may be necessary, is owned by Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bart., with whom I have another difference of opinion, but on this occasion I am willing to defend what appears to have happened.

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