Sickened and very, very angry

Our Head of Campaigns & Communications writes…

I have just been to see some colleagues who undertake covert investigations for us. That’s not hunt monitoring, but rather full scale investigations on various levels. We’d asked them to have a good look into the murky world of the terrier man – the men who accompany hunts, together with their terrier dogs, whose job it is to dig out a fox that goes to ground so that the hunt can continue its odd pastime. The odd thing about terrier men is the fact that they still go out with hunts, despite their favoured activity being highly illegal except under very strict circumstances.

Anyway. These investigators have uncovered some truly shocking images of the horrors inflicted on wildlife and on their own dogs by the terrier men. The images left me sickened and very, very angry.

We are meeting senior officials in coming weeks to discuss the terrier men and their nefarious activities, and we just hope that the officials have a strong stomach for the images we are going to show them.

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