Anti hunt protesters are tossers, apparently

Those people and organisations who oppose the League and its stance are keen users of the internet. And they’re savvy users too, often using password protected sites to boast about their bloodthirsty pastimes.

Every so often, though, we come across a website exhibiting no such savoie faire, and today that included a Facebook Group, imaginitively titled “Anti hunt protesters are tossers”, set up by one Ashley Edge (see below) with the noble purpose “just to give the antis sum shit” [sic]. It should’ve been telling enough for us that the first post on the wall, by Joel Boylett, was titled “If you are proud to be British/English Then get behind BNP!!!!!!!”.

  • UPDATE: The paragraph above used to link to Ashley Edge’s Facebook page. He’s just called us (11.35am on 9th March) all irate because we’d linked to his Facebook page. We can quite understand his embarrassment at being linked to such disgusting practices!

The photo album in the Group is quite something else. But as not all our blog readers will be Facebook addicts, we thought we’d post some of the images here for you to see.

One of the most prolific photo-posters on the Group is Sam Boylett (might he be related to Joel Boylett, we wonder?). These are some of the images he’s posted.

Remarking on the last photo, a certain Charlie Boylett (hmm, we see a pattern forming) comments “hard core son”. He must be such a proud father. Oh, there’s a Daniel Boylett too.

There are other contributors to the Group. Here’s David Kerry with one of his images.

And here’s an image posted by Mark Tong.

All in all a lovely bunch of people, clearly.

If you have a Facebook account, please click on the Group, scroll to the bottom, and click the ‘Report this Group’ link on the left. Select ‘Excessive gore or violent content’ and then on ‘photos’.

Finally, we welcome all reports of crime such as hunting, terrier work, and dog fighting. We treat the information anonymously and through our excellent relationship with police forces up and down the country we can effect real change.

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  1. 1

    We’ve just had the most eloquent email from Joel Boylett. It says:

    “hahahahahahahahaha. old pictures dickhead!! as album name is blast from the past. well hope you like them anyways hahaha!!”

    Thanks, Joel.

  2. 2

    mhayworth said,

    These pictures are horrid but I’m glad you have published them because people – particularly the riders don’t seem to associate themselves with this side of the hunt and yet this is what they are all inadvertantly fighting to legalise.

    David Cameron has so much to answer for! These pictures are a prime example of his warped concept of family values and the activities he considers to be ‘sports’. How could such an appalling man consider himself a modern leader?

    M. Hayworth

  3. 3

    gilesbradshaw said,

    Some great falconry pictures such as this one.

    With regard to what is legal and what is not legal would it not make sense to have a law which defined an objective standard of cruelty and sought to ensure that all activities involving killing wildlife such as pest control/wildlife management/ sporting activities were justified in accordance with common standards of animal welfare and effectiveness and need?

    Here’s one I took in the early morning of one of my dogs.

    We were off to break the Hunting act in my coppice which is down there in the valley shrouded in mist.

    the name’s Bradshaw by the way you can monitor me breaking the Hunting act any time you like.

  4. 4

    gilesbradshaw said,

    Harris hawk on a pigeon – nice one. I must say i’d love to do falconry

    I met some people recently up on the dales out hunting rabbits with harris hawks. Fantastic!

  5. 5

    gilesbradshaw said,

    On another point I am sure you are aware that these photos are copyrighted to the owners and that by publishing them on your blog you are infringing that copyright and breaking the law.

    It seems to me that if you are to lecture people on breaking the law then you should not do so yourself.

    I can break the Hunting Act whenever I like because it is an absurd law.

    Unlike me you however are not entitled to flout the law of the land,

    I suggest you take them down and provide links to the original site like good little law abiding citizens.

  6. 6

    gilesbradshaw said,

    I have written the following letter to your chief executive and I have also been asked to act on behalf of Mark Tong one of the people who’s copyright you are breaking the law by infringing.

    Dear Douglas,

    Without getting into the rights and wrongs of the activities displayed on your company’s recent blog post as I am sure you are aware the photographs you are displaying are from facebook and copyrighted to the owners. Your use of them is a clear infringement of copyright and hence illegal.

    The law of copyright is a sensible well; drafted law and it is beholden on you to obey it.

    It is hypocritical for you to expect other people to obey the law when you do not do so yourselves.

    If you want to display a photograph of illegal behaviour how about this one. It’s of one of my dogs which I was taking down to the woods in the valley in order to ser it after any deer I could find.

    As the copyright owner I am happy for you to use it.

    I could also get you some photos of me riding out on my horse with my dogs in order to brreak the Hunting Act or even some flushed deer fleeing from my dogs.

    Alternatively if you wish you could send your monitors down to my farm and they could film the whole process and you could make a nice little video of it all to stick up on your website.

    Yours sincerely

    Giles Bradshaw

  7. 7

    […] hunting, Keep Cruelty History, photo, police, terrierwork, wildlife crime Last night we blogged about a Facebook Group called “Anti hunt protesters are tossers, apparently”. On that post, we included a number of images posted to the Group by a number of […]

  8. 9

    mhayworth said,

    Honestly Giles, you behave like a 10 year old child on these posts. You seem to enjoy baiting people which isn’t surprising for someone so keen to overturn the hunting act.

    • 10

      gilesbradshaw said,

      Mairi the problem with your stance is that while for some bizarre reason you seem to object to me breaking the Hunting Act by flushing deer out of cover with dogs and subsequently setting dogs onto them you then seem to think it is fine for LACS to use blatantly illegal means to further their ends.

      This is quite wrong. If LACS are prepared to openly flout the law of the land I see no reason why I should not.

      I get a lot of pleasure from what I do. I enjoy using the dogs to hunt for the deer in the woods, I share their excitement on finding one and I especially enjoy the chase.

      It’s also a welfare friendly and very environmentally sensitive form of wildlife management.

      Most of the woodland in the west country is not deer fenced and it is impractical to deer fence mine.

      The deer herd needs to be managed as a unit on a pan holding co – ordinated basis not in a piecemeal manner by individual land owners.

      Shooting a few of the deer would not significantly reduce the damage they do to my coppiced woodland anyway.

      My method of flushing and chasing mimics the natural effect that the presence of wolves would have had with out the animals being harmed.

      Maybe LACS would like to use this photo of deer fleeing from my dogs. I would happily allow them to and it would involve no law breaking on their part.

  9. 11

    alwoodcock said,

    Nice to see the ‘all you antis can, frankly F Off’ group has also been closed!

  10. 12

    mhayworth said,

    Well, we are getting closer to the election and Cameron isn’t doing too well. I suspect the CA’s ‘media training’ people are looking at all these nasty Facebook sites and thinking they better start making the pro-hunt community appear to be decent human beings.

    It is a shame more people didn’t see those pictures last night – particularly with the faces of the men enjoying the agony of these bloodied animals as they hack away at them with shovels. That is the side of the hunt that they certainly don’t want the public to see. There is an anti-terrierwork campaign site that has similar pictures (but not as graphic) at:

    M. Hayworth

  11. 13

    auntykill said,

    So it’s Ok for this Giles person to break whatever laws he wants and kill any and every animal he decides to in whatever way he pleases to but if there’s something he doesn’t like which exposes him and his ilk for the oits that they are he then starts quoting copyright and throwing a purple faced paddy. This is so much like a childish tantrum that it makes me yawn. Ideally we’d just ignore him and if he gets no attention he’d go away and play with his guns.

    • 14

      gilesbradshaw said,

      auntykill the Hunting act states that I can only flush the deer out if I then kill them.

      I break it by not killing them

      LACS insist that they should be killed as soon as possible

    • 15

      gilesbradshaw said,

      also I don’t have a gun which is one of the many reasons why I feel I should not have to shoot the deer

      ps not throwing a paddy I am finding the whole thing very amusing xxx

  12. 16

    journosteve said,

    The pictures were horrible, but the faces – vacant, moronic, unintelligent – said all that had to be said. Very disturbing: it is accepted by psychiatrists that those who enjoy abusing animals generally go on to abuse or hurt people as well. A fact that Giles, with his endless, repetitive, manic posts, would do well to ponder.

  13. 17

    claireharrissmith said,

    Thank goodness – I’ve lost count of the number of times I reported this group – it clearly breaches Facebook’s terms. Seems it needed a little publicity before it was inclined to do anything. Pro-hunting Facebook groups are common, but why should there be anti-anti-groups? Seems that is just “anti someone having an opposing opinion”.

    Giles, we get the point, constantly reposting over and over again just bores the pants off everyone.

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