Anti hunt protesters are tossers, apparently – Pt 2

Last night we blogged about a Facebook Group called “Anti hunt protesters are tossers, apparently”. On that post, we included a number of images posted to the Group by a number of individuals.

This morning we’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be acting on behalf of one of Mark Tong, one of the people who uploaded the photographs, asking us to remove them as we are infringing copyright law. We obviously misjudged their intentions; we thought that the wholesome upstanding individuals who’d posted them on Facebook were proud of them and would love to see them in wider circulation.

Clearly they are not proud of them and they are now rather embarrassed that their disgusting antics have been taken to a wider audience.

This morning we discover that the Facebook Group has now disappeared.

So, job done.

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  1. 1

    gilesbradshaw said,

    It was me that contacted you. As you are aware I regularly break the Hunting Act with my dogs. However this does not give you the right to break the law by infringing people’s copyright.

    This is not a matter of the rights and wrongs of the actions depicted but the right of LACS to break the law in pursuit of its activities.

    I have the right to break the Hunting Act by pursuing deer with my dogs and I actively enforce that right on a regular basis.

    You on the other hand do NOT have the right to break the law.

    If you respect the law you should remove the photos and provide a link to them.

  2. 2

    gilesbradshaw said,

    What slightly concerns me is that you actually seem to be proud of yourselves for breaking the law and claim it as some kind of victory.

    Surely it is not right for LACS to be using illegal means to further its ends?

  3. 3

    […] The League has issued a complaint to ebay about the advertisement of a fox shooting trip on its site. Let’s hope they take the same responsible action as did Facebook two weeks ago. […]

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