Scottish Government’s snare ‘whitewash’ is now law

The Snares (Scotland) Order 2010 has been branded a complete whitewash by a leading animal welfare charity. On the day the new statutory instrument comes into force regulating the use of animal snares the League Against Cruel Sports has criticised the Scottish Government for failing to take the necessary steps to end animal suffering caused by snares.

The Order introduces a number of measures to regulate the use of snaring including the use of stops to prevent the noose tightening beyond a certain circumference and the use of anchors to stop the snare being dragged from its original location by the captured animal.

The League campaigns for the use of all snares to be made illegal on the grounds they are cruel, indiscriminate and cause unnecessary suffering. The charity argues that due to the crude nature of a snare no amount of regulation will eradicate the suffering caused to animals by these traps.

The regulations, which come into force today (Thursday), were announced in Parliament in February 2008 following a public consultation which generated a 2:1 majority in favour of a ban. The Scottish Government’s decision went against overwhelming public, professional and political support to make the use of snaring illegal in Scotland.

League spokeswoman Louise Robertson said: “These regulations are a complete whitewash and will go no way towards reducing the huge level of suffering caused by such a basic wire trap. The Government based its decision purely on the financial gain to be made from commercial shooting and with complete lack of regard for animal welfare. As long as snares are legal animals will continue to suffer horrific injuries and slow, agonising deaths.”

Read more about the League’s snaring campaign in Scotland.

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