Stop the Calderon Dolphin slaughter

Every year in the Faroe Islands, around 2,000 dolphins are slaughtered for their flesh, and as a “heroic” passage into manhood. These beautiful creatures are stabbed a number of times before being left to bleed to death in what must be excruciating pain.  Undercover video has shown that some animals take up to an hour to finally die after being hauled onto the beach and cut into.

Furthermore, young children are allowed to participate in these disturbing mass hunts. What hope can we have that they will grow up with a respect for animal welfare?

You can sign this petition to put pressure on the governments of Denmark and the Faroe Islands to end this barbaric and outdated tradition.

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    journosteve said,

    Thanks for raising this abomination. I didn’t realise that the scenes are so harrowing that no British TV channel can actually show them. There would be similar outrage, otherwise, as there is over the Canadians killing baby seals so they can sell fur to China.. But a bit of research on the internet was revealing. Sad to see an otherwise sophisticated, modern country like Denmark still tolerates barbarity like this – and all because the hunt “makes Faroe men feel like Faroe men”.. Maybe it’s a bit hopeful to expect primitive islanders stranded in the far north sea to respect animals, but this is a total stain on Denmark’s reputation and image.

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