A message to all hunts

A weekend message to all hunts from the League Against Cruel Sports…

Please be careful, chaps. We know you, the hunting fraternity, has had a pretty crap couple of weeks. First, it transpires in court that a hunt had a fully hatched conspiracy to stop a legally operating aircraft from leaving the ground. Then it’s announced that a Quantock Staghounds huntsman is facing charges under the Hunting Act, as is a terrierman linked to the Ullswater Foxhounds.

Today the East Anglia Daily Times reports that the Essex & Suffolk Hunt have been reported to police for chasing a fox whilst, they claim, they were hunting with a bird of prey (their bird of prey was an eagle owl, which couldn’t kill a fox). And this comes just a week after the Loughborough Echo reported that:

“Firemen mounted a delicate operation to rescue six Quorn Hunt hounds perched on a tiny ledge 80ft down Cloud Hill Quarry in Breedon-on-the-Hill. Two other hounds plunged the full 300ft to their deaths at the quarry bottom. The accident happened when the pack was chasing a fox along the quarry edge. Two firemen, Jim Rossel and Phil Louis including huntsmen Michael Farrin were lowered down to the ledge and brought the frightened hounds back to safety.”

Dear oh dear. Whilst we hope the Quorn get a bill from the fire service, it really is indicative of the lack of control hunts seem to have over their hounds. As the forthcoming film, A Minority Pastime, makes abundantly clear, hunts are riding roughshod over the public’s right to peaceful enjoyment of the countryside.

We have several more cases in the pipeline. So if you’re out hunting this weekend, make sure it’s legal.

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  1. 1

    auntykill said,

    Oh absolutely chaps, do mind your P’s and Q’s, one doesn’t want the old bill feeling ones jolly old collar does one? It must have been a tad embarrasing, what, to have to admit to such lack of control over ones hounds as to have to ask for help. One can’t help but agree that you should get a stiff invoice from the fire service for their trouble.

  2. 2

    alwoodcock said,

    Let’s not forget their failure to get the support of the European court of human rights. They don’t support human wrongs, obviously!

  3. 3

    gilesbradshaw said,

    Absolutely not! I will be breaking the Hunting Act as per usual.

    • 4

      derekbaines said,

      Giles you have to obey the law. Your objection to killing animals is correct however by breaking the law is not the way to get it fixed.

      Obey the law and you will get support for this clause being overturned.

      There is in wide acceptance that the flushing exemption is flawed.

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