Royal Corgis go veggie to avoid hunt ban

Her Majesty the Queen has reportedly insisted that her pet Corgis are moved onto a vegetarian diet to make them less likely to chase foxes which stray into the grounds of Buckingham Palace and other royal palaces.

The Hunting Act 2004 made it a criminal offence to hunt a fox with dogs for ‘sport’ and whilst some politicians are promising a return to hunting, Her Majesty is thought to be keen to reflect public opinion on the matter by ensuring her own dogs don’t fall foul of the law. Opinion polling for organisations such as the League Against Cruel Sports consistently shows that public opinion is strongly in favour of maintaining the hunting ban.

Renard Chasse, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, welcomed the announcement, saying the Queen was leading the way as a responsible dog owner. “We have long said that if a member of the public allowed their pet dogs to rampage across the highway, people’s gardens, and farms, they would be prosecuted. But no-one challenges the hunts when their hounds rampage. It’s one law for them and one for the rest of us. We’re delighted to see the Queen leading from the front in this way.”

Buckingham Palace allegedly sought the advice of the Countryside Alliance on trail hunting, but they were unable to help.

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  1. 1

    derekbaines said,

    This is nonsense.

    In actual fact as you very well know the Duke of Edinburgh has primed all the cannons at the front of the palace with grapeshot in order to blow away any foxes or other mammalian life forms (bar rats and rabbits) flushed out from the herbaceaous border thus complying with the flushing out exemption.

    Douglas Batchelor from the League comments:

    “We are very pleased to see the Duke taking appropriate steps to anhialate flushed out wildlife in this manner. Everyone must respect the law including the royals. the days when these animals could just scamper off without being humanely disposed of are long gone”

    • 2

      derekbaines said,

      No one would believe that the Government would actually pass a law that made it illegal to flush wildlife unless it was shot.

      That’s too outlandish a suggestion even for April 1st

      Unfortunately sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

  2. 3

    journosteve said,

    “Reportedly.. allegedly..” It really would be good to actually *check* a story that reads like absolute BS. The Royal Family have been active participants in bloodsports for decades; I doubt if there’s an atom of truth in any of this piece.

  3. 5

    auntiecon said,

    Interesting name of the spokesman from LeageACS – Renard (fox) Chasse (Hunt) lol !!

  4. 7

    alliancedefiance said,

    Oh dear looks like Giles is the real ‘fool’ here with his latest fake account. Does he have a job I wonder?

  5. 8

    auntykill said,

    I missed this and have just seen it this morning, very good I must say I’d have liked to comment. As though Mrs Windsor would ever give a fox the lickings of a dog (so to speak).

    I wish there was a hunting season on yobbos, there’s a gang of feral ones plagueing the estate where I live and they robbed me of my computer time yesterday. In the case of this shower it wouldn’t be a cruel sport it would be a public service!

  6. 9

    auntiecon said,

    Alliancedefiance – Are you talking about THE Giles who persists in writing the same old garbage about him breaking the law? I’m retired now and have plenty of time for browsing the internet and I see his contributions all over the place in many publications. I can’t believe he has a job because he must spend most of his day writing the same old tripe to all and sundry day after day after day. He doesn’t seem to realize how utterly BORING it.

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