Scandal in the Catalan Parliament

The League has been made aware of a scandalous attempt by the French pro-bullfighting lobby to influence the upcoming vote in the Catalan parliament on whether or not to outlaw bullfighting in the region.

In a sly and insidious letter to all members of the Catalan parliament at the beginning of the debating session in March, a group of French politicians attempted to influence their Catalan counterparts with warnings of repressive laws and the loss of traditions and national identity. Aside from the fact that they were meddling in affairs beyond their sphere of national influence, the letter contained a FALSIFIED list of alleged bullfighting supporters. This list included: mayors who are no longer mayors, mayors nobody has ever heard of, members of parliament who signed the document after their death or after they ceased to be members of parliament, and politicians who are against bullfighting.

Numerous attempts to expose this scandal (including a press release from Jean-Marc Roubaud, a member of the French parliament who is well-known for being anti-bullfighting but was included on the list) have been unsuccessful, as newspapers are refusing to respond.

With the vote on whether to outlaw bullfighting in Catalonia taking place in the next few months, the League is supporting its European counterparts in exposing this scandal and working towards a decisive ‘Yes’ vote. The vast majority of Catalans are opposed to bullfighting and it is absolutely imperative that the democratic process is not derailed by subversion and lies.

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