Lacking the brains they were born with…

There are some real idiots in the hunting community, and the depths of their idiocy often surprises us. But today we’ve found a photograph depicting very clearly illegal activity, posted on a hunting website forum. The genius in the photo has given it a caption stating “Taken in 2004, before the ban”.

It’s such a shame that the four wheel drive vehicle behind him has a ’59’ registration plate, indicating it has been on the road only since September last year.

That image is now with the police. But honestly, they really don’t have the brains they were born with.

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4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    auntiecon said,

    Now we know why they can’t see the cruelty in hunting with hounds – just too thick!

  2. 2

    auntykill said,

    Well done you for spotting the vehicle registration, shows who has intelligence and who are just brainless, murdering thugs. (Am I allowed to say that? ;-))

  3. 3

    alliancedefiance said,

    There were a load of coursing photos on the ‘hunting life’ forum with vehicles with recent number plates a few days ago. They’ve all been taken down after someone pointed this out.

  4. 4

    auntykill said,

    I hope someone also pointed it out to the approriate authorities. Though I suppose even that wouldn’t dent their egos.

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