Mr Fox on tour: Update

Within an hour of our Chief Executive’s weekly note being published on the blog earlier this afternoon, the pro-bloodsports community had fallen for our trap.

Tim Bonner, press chap at the Countryside Alliance, tweeted that the “antis think they are going to stop repeal with fluffy toys”.

Then James Marchington, editor of one of the shooting magazines, blogs about the “sentimental bunny huggers” (?!*!!?) at the League and how all bloodsports enthusiasts should get hold of a “stuffed toy fox, fox glove puppet, etc, into any photo opportunity by any politician, perhaps even dress up as a fox yourself – by way of showing your support for the Repeal of the ludicrous Hunting Act.”

So, at the same time that the hunters are refusing to go on the BBC’s Politics Show South West this Sunday because, they say, “hunting’s not an election issue”, they plan to highlight the fact that some politicians want to bring back hunting with dogs by bringing even more fox puppets to the party.

Brilliant. We couldn’t ask for more.

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