Image of the Day – 145

In today’s image, hounds from an unregistered farmer’s pack in Cheshire attack and kill a sheep. Of course, the hunters tell us that this won’t happen because they will have some form of regulatory body for hunting; ‘Off-fox’, perhaps. But how do they propose to tell the hounds that they need to be better behaved?

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  1. 1

    auntykill said,

    If these were dogs that had been let out of their back doors by stupid owners and had congregated in the streets one by one and wandered onto a farm and killed a sheep then the farmer would be getting his gun out and dispatching them. So how come a pack of hounds, known to kill anything that moves, can kill a sheep, be photographed, and then go back to their kennel ready to do it all over again another day?
    On farmland your dog and my dog has to be on a lead, and yet these out-of-control killing machines are allowed to run free. The hunters talk a load of piffle, they can’t control their dogs it’s quite obvious, and it’s also obvious that they don’t care what they do, what they “accidentally” kill or how many road accidents they cause, as long as the chaps get their sport of watching the hounds kill wild creatures.

  2. 2

    sommerfield said,

    I am hoping and praying honestly that it will not come to it that the hunters need a regulatory body

  3. 3

    auntykill said,

    Me too, that’s why I’ve been pounding the streets this afternoon house to house giving out leaflets for the party that will keep the hunting ban.

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