Image of the Day – 152

As we cross the country on our Fox Tour, we’re reminded of our former colleagues who suffered abuse, violence and intimidation from bloodsports enthusiasts, including those who slashed the tyres and windows of the League’s old “battlebus”.

The mere fact that they have to resort to such means, rather than reasoned argument, just goes to show how shallow and pathetic they are.

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  1. 1

    auntykill said,

    You might have a more modern bus but I don’t think other things have changed that much, so take care, you’re doing a brilliant job.

  2. 3

    Whilst campaigning as the independent candidate in South East Cambridgeshire yesterday, I had the honour and pleasure of meeting a lady who told me that she had once been jailed for being anti-foxhunting. Apparently, she had been protesting against a hunt in Essex and the Master, Lord *********, had hit her with his hunting crop. Not to be outdone, she pulled his Lordship orf his horse. The upshot was that she had ‘do time’ and Lord ********* got orf Scot-free. Such is life. I shook her hand.

  3. 4

    maltontoby said,

    or maybe it is due to the fact that whenever they post a comment on this website providing a balanced argument which i understand is a principle you stand by very respectively the comment is removed an incident which has happened to myself every time apart from the time when i feel the need to openly offend you all when you disrespected the way my mother brought me up!!

  4. 5

    maltontoby said,

    but also in no word of a lie i respect you all for standing for what you believe in

  5. 6

    There is no balanced argument.
    Cruelty is cruelty and there is no denying that these animals suffer. I have never seen any footage to prove otherwise, even if the pro’s are trying to prove a point. You have to know animals to understand. Hunters are devoid of compassion and that is a tragic thing.

  6. 7

    auntykill said,

    Actually you only have to have a conscience and a sense of right and wrong to know that cruelty is wrong and compassion is right. What I can’t understand is how there are so many evil people in the world that actually WANT to hurt and kill animals. You’d think such freaks would be few and far between but in fact they’re thick on the ground.

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