Animal welfare manifesto commitments welcomed

The League said it was “greatly encouraged” by commitments in the Labour Party’s “Green Manifesto”, published earlier today.

The Manifesto pledges to maintain the ban on hunting with dogs, ban the use of cages for game birds, and a review of all wildlife crime legislation.

A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports – which has this week taken launched a ‘Fox Tour’ taking a six foot fox on a tour of hunting constituencies – said it was “greatly encouraged” to see such strong commitments to animal welfare. “We just don’t understand why some politicians want to bring back hunting with dogs when over 75% of the public support the ban,” he said. “There have been over 130 convictions under the Hunting Act and there are two cases progressing through the courts now. Today’s commitment in the Labour manifesto is very welcome.”

The League’s campaign has won the celebrity backing of actors including Gemma Atkinson and Tony Robinson.

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  1. 1

    nebhunting said,

    The 75% quoted had a loaded questionaire so is not a true representation of public views and there has not been any convictions under the Hunting Act that would not have happened anyway, no Huntsman has been convicted under the Hunting Act, just putting things right

    • 2

      Sorry nebhunting, you are quite wrong. The questionnaire was not loaded. Ipsos MORI are one of the world’s leading pollsters and to suggest that they would do leading polls is nonsense.

      Oh, and there have been 137 convictions under the Hunting Act, including some huntsmen and hunt supporters. A huntsman with the Quantocks is currently awaiting trial, as is a terrierman connected to the Ullswater Foxhounds.

  2. 3

    nebhunting said,

    Well it was reported that it was a loaded question by some newspapers, ie the question starts off with things that are aborhent and the foxhunting thing is sneaked in, a true poll would be just to ask the one question “should the hunting act be repealed” or “Do you think that Foxhunting should be made legal” the questionaire was nothing like that and although there may be cases outstanding I dont think you can name one Huntsman that has been found guilty of illegal hunting, if there is please name them.

  3. 5

    nebhunting said,

    I trust you will not mind if I check on that but one is well short of the 137 convictions you claim so can you provide say at least 20 to slightly substantiate your claim, thanks

    • 6

      You asked for one, and we provided one.

      Figures from the Ministry of Justice (in the annual Criminal Statistics report) combined with Parliamentary written answers, back up the numbers. All these documents and reports are in the public domain.

  4. 7

    nebhunting said,

    I have done a little research myself and I believe that there have been two in total, so that leaves 135 that you claim to have been hunting against the act which by my reconning would have got prosecuted anyway, but the LACS does seem to like distorting the truth from what I see, I think you should either proove hese claims or stop making them, it is not for me to justify your claims.

    • 8

      Your research skills clearly aren’t that good.

      As we have said, the data is in the public domain. The RSPCA published a report on Boxing Day which said the same – in fact, they showed that there are more convictions under the Hunting Act than on various other key pieces of animal welfare legislation.

  5. 9

    nebhunting said,

    Ha Ha, the RSPCA, the very left wing who think that they are the Police, they have Inspectors, superintendents etc, they dress like the Poice and use to do a good job, but not anymore, I complained to the RSPCA about someone letting off very loud fireworks which frightend my horses and they didnt want to know, anbd the funny thing is that their HQ is only 3 miles away, as from where I am there have been two convictions for Huntstaff illegally hunting, the rest of both your claims are nothing to do with illegal hunting by hunts, will you admit this or will you still pursue with your very misleading comments, oh perhaps you might even give me your name as I would like to know to whom I am talking to.

  6. 11

    nebhunting said,

    Identity, thats all but if you are trying to hide behind your banner then perhaps that shows the type of person you are, I am more than happy to give my name if you require it, unfortunately my surname is the same as one of your well known members namely John Bryant, and do all your members know what way out views he has, I know he operates a pest removal service by capturing foxes and then porbably releases them in the countryside, clever move, Not.
    His far out views extend to the thoughts that no person should have a pet, as to have a captive animal is wrong to his thinking, tell that to my dog, they didn’t event the phrase “it’s a dogs life” for no reason, so Mr,Mrs or Miss ? I think to show who you are is important, don’t you

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