Camera shy Conservatives

The most noticeable thing about Saturday’s Fox Tour visit to St Ives in Cornwall was the extent to which local Conservatives were camera shy.

Asked if he knew the whereabouts of the candidate, a man canvassing for the Party in a shopping centre could only manage evasive questions about permission to film. Similarly, when asked at the candidate’s office if an interview would be possible, the staff member walked away from the camera.

The Cornish Democrat, Labour and Mebyon Kernow candidates proved similarly difficult to find. We were delighted to hear such firm commitments to the Hunting Act from the Liberal Democrat and Green candidates, however.

Today the Fox Tour heads back north, away from the West Country, and all will be revealed later today on our Twitter feed.

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  1. 1

    Come and see me any time. I’m not camera shy, nor am I too shy to say to all that I vehemently oppose bringing back the barbarism and cruelty of fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc. When challenged at Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, to defend his intention to vote for repeal of the Hunting Act 2004, my principal opponent, Mr James Paice, the Conservative ‘shadow minister of agriculture,’ refused to respond. Says it all, doesn’t it?

    Geoffrey Woollard (aka notoharecoursing), Independent, South East Cambridgeshire.

  2. 2

    nebhunting said,

    This is getting boring now, there are more far more important issues than Hunting, try and help those less fortuntate than yourselves.

    • 3

      If you’re finding them boring, what are you doing here?

      There are no more important issues to an anti-hunting charity than hunting. There are bigger issues in the world, of course, but they do not concern our organisation.

      As for helping those less fortunate, many of our staff undertake lots of voluntary work for a wide range of charities. What voluntary work have you done for those less fortunate this year?

    • 4

      auntykill said,

      There are many issues and caring about the hunting issue doesn’t stop us worrying about those other issues at the same time, the human brain (at least the female one) is capable of thinking of more than one thing at a time. But it would hardly be appriopriate to discuss the economy, street crime or the level of education in our schools on the LACS blog would it?

      • 5

        nebhunting said,

        Why not, I dare you, it might proove that you do care about more important issues or it could be that you do not think there are more important issues.

  3. 6

    nebhunting said,

    I leave messages to oppose the lies which appear on here, you may have your thoughts and feelings on things, I have no problem with that but what I object to is the distorted stories and reports that come from the LACS. I trust you will be supporting the Surrey Union Hunt Point to Point which is coming up and is just round the corner to your HQ, The huge crowd that go shows that people have no problem with Hunting or they would not go to the Point to Point, do you not agree?

  4. 7

    “The huge crowd that go shows that people have no problem with Hunting or they would not go to the Point to Point, do you not agree?”

    No, I don’t agree. Point-to-points are largely social occasions. Many of those who attend them don’t hunt. And many who do hunt are quite happy with drag hunting. I ask some of my other hunting friends what’s wrong with drag hunting. They say, ‘It’s not the same.’ I say, ‘Why isn’t it the same?’ They then go siilent. I know why it’s not the same. It’s because there isn’t a ‘kill.’ If you agree with that, crawl back under your stone and shut up.

  5. 8

    nebhunting said,

    Hi noto, well I could tell you the diferences between the two but I know it would be wasted on you, plus when one has to resort to insults then I feel that person has lost the debate, it really does not help your cause at all plus you are very wrong about Point to Points, if I was anti hunt I would never go to a Point to Point, but the Surrey Union one will be very well attended.

  6. 9

    You are still wrong, you little ray of gloom in the midst of sunshine and decency. A close relative of mine and her husband go to point-to-points for the socialising. They have never been hunting. They agree with my line.

  7. 10

    nebhunting said,

    Then if they are anti hunting they are hypocrits, do you not agree

  8. 11

    No, and you need a spell-checker!

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