Image of the Day – 167

Today’s is the last Image of the Day, at least for a while. As many of our supporters and readers of this blog will know, we have a vast library of images, and we will be using more of these in our efforts to secure the future of the Hunting Act. For now, we know that the impact of these images over recent months has been wide ranging, and the feedback has been excellent.

The best we can say for now, is to “watch this space…”.

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  1. 1

    Thanks, LACS, for all of your efforts and your images. Some of us are doing our best to support you.

    Geoffrey Woollard, Independent, South East Cambridgeshire (aka notoharecoursing).

  2. 2

    nebhunting said,

    God, look at the length of teeth on that fox, no wonder they are so good at killing, lambs, chockens, phesants etc.

  3. 3

    speckler said,

    Gotta admit that tonight I am worried about my animals. I own a small amenity woodland and share it with Squirrel, Badger, Rabbit, Fallow Deer, Boar and Fox. Most of them have cubs or kittens or some such. They all represent a threat to the countryside and need to be killed. Sick with fear. Have to see how it goes.

  4. 4

    sommerfield said,

    Dear Speckler
    please explain your comments
    Foxes cannot go to the supermarket to get there dinner like us humans,
    and foxes need to eat to survive, please house your animals securely.
    Foxes are omnivorous so they eat other things to survive.
    If you went on a website to learn about the Fox maybe you would not be so worried. Get as much information as you can and dont persecute them just because its the first time you have seen a Foxes teeth

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