The “period of silence” comes to an end

The period of silence from the Countryside Alliance has finally come to an end.

This morning, they tweeted that they had voted (quite how an organisation votes is unclear, but we won’t go into that) and that was their first tweet since 22nd April.

Clearly the most amusing aspect of the silence from the Alliance has been their attempts to insist that hunting isn’t an election issue – and yet they have spent the entire time since the Hunting Act was passed talking about the need to elect a government which will repeal it.

But it’s also clear that there isn’t even the support for their campaign from hunters themselves. Remember that the Alliance claim that twenty-seven squillion people took part in the Countryside March, but only 32,000 people have signed up to their repeal website. And there’s hardly a tsunami of support flocking to that website – it has attracted little over 2,000 new supporters in the last three months (rising from 30,100 on 19th February to 32,165 today).

With their period of silence over, we look forward to the resumption of their “campaign” with baited breath.

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  1. 1

    nebhunting said,

    I thought that they claimed that over 400,000 people turned out for the march but you must know better than I, although I was there, also I have never head of a squillion, is it something else tha LACS has made up?

    • 2

      alliancedefiance said,

      Oh just go away will you? You have nothing to contribute – you just come on here to whinge and moan about every post. GET A LIFE!!

  2. 3

    nebhunting said,

    Not exactly moan about every post, just trying to correct some of the lies that are on here, I would have thought that was OK

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